Day 1 Main Plenary: Laying the Foundations

Experience a selection of talks tackling different angles on the gender diversity conversation. Be inspired by influential women who have shattered the glass ceiling, hear innovative strategies that are pushing diversity to the top of the agenda and learn what is disrupting the industry. You’ll leave with practical tips to make the next step towards real progression.

Topics Include:

  • Leaping into Leadership: Illuminating the Path

  • Why Focusing on Women is Wrong

  • Gender Diversity & the Next Generation

  • The Human Factor: Transformation, Innovation & Diversity

Day 2 Main Plenary: Don't Look Back, Move Forward

Get actionable insight from diversity champions and companies who are pushing for change. Learn how they are tackling diversity and inclusion in the workplace and discover what works: from leadership development to culture creation. 

Topics include:

  • The Art of Thinking Independently Together: A Focus on Diversity of Thought

  • Today I Wear Confidence

  • Inspiring Ourselves to Push for Progress

  • How will Technology Truly Impact the Future of Banking & Finance?


Personal & Career Development: Bank on Yourself

Don’t know how to celebrate and express your femininity in a male-dominated world? Lacking confidence to raise your voice and challenge the status quo? Not sure what your next career move is? Discover how you can develop yourself both personally and professionally by joining lively interactive sessions to maximise your potential.

Topics include:

  • Cure Your People Pleasing

  • Business Body Language

  • Emotional Intelligence: The Key to Effective Performance

Business Development: Bank on Your Business

Delve deeper into the strategies heard in the D&I track by engaging with industry leaders and fellow pioneers. Help make diversity an important building block to ensure your organisation not only survives, but thrives in a globalised world.

Topics include: 

  • Employee Networks and their Role in Engendering an Inclusive Workplace Culture

  • Supporting Mindfulness and Wellbeing

  • Moving Mind-sets on Gender Diversity